As key drivers of regional economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship attract substantial attention in research and policy. With the establishment of the Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center (RIERC) at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Pécs the aim is to increase synergies among the innovation and entrepreneurship research groups at the Faculty and to provide a joint platform for their research activities.

RIERC conducts research in regional innovation (knowledge network analysis, agent-based innovation modeling, spatial econometric investigations, university-industry relations), entrepreneurship (the Regional Entrepreneurship and Development Index – REDI, small business competitiveness, university spin-offs), development policy impact modeling (Geographic Macro and Regional (GMR)-type models) and applies research results in concrete regional development policy analyses. Established in 2015, RIERC succeeds the Center for Research in Economic Policy (GKK) at FBE.


Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center